Creating empowered healers, coaches and spiritual teachers to transform an evolving world

As a Business & Life Transformation Strategist, I help you to identify the strategic path to fulfilling your purpose and ultimate abundance.. Whether it’s for your personal path or as a part of the strategic creation of the business or healing practice that will allow you to monetize your gifts, I have the experience and the skills to help you materialize the ideas into reality.

I am an experienced entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in every aspect of running a business including marketing, business automation, team building, product development and more AND I am a seasoned spiritual healer in both energetic and physical modalities of healing and transformation.

What I come with to serve you is real life experience. A story of perseverance, faith and ultimately transformation. I bring to you proof of the incredible potential of not succumbing to life’s circumstances and instead reframing the story as you see fit.