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Personal Power By Design

Personal Power By Design

A 4 week journey into your personal blueprint to aligning with your life purpose so that you can experience greater confidence and clarity that creates results in your business and personal life.

  • 4 Personal Work Modules
  • Live Q & A Sessions

What You’ll Get From This Course…

As you proceed through the 4 weeks of modules you will develop sense of understanding of what works best for you in living your life purpose. 

We will be using the science of differentiation known as Human Design as a key part of the insight for this program so that it becomes highly personal for you. 

See below on instructions on getting your Human Design chart so that you have the information to follow along in the module trainings. 

  • Program Wrap-Up Q&A – 7/19 @ 4:30p CST

NEXT STEP: Create Your Blueprint For Class

While you could go through this class without having this information and learn some things, you need to get your Human Design chart in order to truly apply the learning.  

Go here and fill out this information and we will send it to you within the day

Complete Personal Power Blueprint Form

All information submitted is confidential and will not be shared 

Course Modules

  • Pre-Work LIVE Call

Welcome Call

Set yourself up for success and greater results in this program by joining us for this live call to ask questions, set intention and make some early connections in the program. 

Click here for RECORDING 

  • Module 1

Strategy and Authority

Learn your key strategic shifts to becoming more powerful in your decision making process. Have a great depth of awareness and trust in your own intuition in making important decisions in life and business. 


  • Module 2

Boundaries & Personal Space

Discover how one of the most common power give aways lie in not understand how the energy field of others impact your ability to protect your own peace and clarity. 


  • Module 3


Navigate your marketing strategy, personal relationships and business networking in a new light by learning more about your personal blueprint for personal communications. Great if you’ve ever struggled with not feeling “heard” 


  • Module 4

Relationships and Support

Revolutionize your way of being in relationships with others including how to pick the right team members and consciously navigating personal relationships when you understand what to ask for and when to compromise if need be.  


Course Wrap-Up Live Call

In the course of these 4 modules you’ll gain lots of insight and strategy. We offer this call so that you can proceed forward with confidence in your new understanding and to help clarify any questions and confusion that has been created through the course of the modules and personal work. 

July 19 @ 4:30p CST Click here for Zoom Webinar Access 

Passcode: 904546