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PPBD – Module 3: Communications

Module 3: Communications

Are you masterful at communication? Do sales come easily to you? OR do you find that no matter what you say it’s hard to get a word in edge wise?

In this module we review how your design impacts your ability to communicate clearly and where in your energy field it is easiest for you to express yourself and what you need to say.

Make sure to have your chart handy so that you can listen for reference of insight as it relates to you personally.

Lesson Resources

Journal Prompt

  • Based on reviewing my chart, some of the best strategies that I can implement to improve my relationships or my marketing are ____….listen to the recording from the perspective of how to best have what you want to communicate to others be more easily received and so that you can deliver it with greater confidence. Journal about frustrations, victories or challenges in communication that you can shift with your new awareness.