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Megha Bradley

Megha Bradley

I help you find the confidence you need to live into the deep soul calling you feel – to say no to things that are crushing your soul and to say yes to the things you feel that deep yearning to live but maybe aren’t sure how. I facilitate life transformations and spiritual awakenings for the souls who are ready to step into them. 

Everything that I teach, I have lived. My life purpose is to help end cycles of generational abuse and/or poverty. I believe that these things are systemic and they are often inherited from our collective circles of influence and passed through our families and through the lives we live, in the communities we associate with and ultimately with the world we try to relate with. 

I believe you were born with a specific purpose and designed to do what no one else can do like you. I am here to witness unconditional love in the world and for you to know you are part of and worthy of that love. To be that love. To do that love. To help change the world by means of your actions. But here’s what I KNOW from my own life including a near death experience and from serving hundreds of clients on their life journey…we are made for a specific purpose, there are people that each one of us are supposed to serve.

I know that it is often our trials, our brokenness and our discomfort that lead us to that awakened purpose. This program is designed to introduce you or maybe reintroduce you to the path to lining up with yourself so that you can be the change you want to be in the world. 

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