Bridging Humanity & Technology

We help you harness the gifts and genius of the humans in your company, by empowering human-centric leadership strategies and personal development. Through bringing understanding to how the human assets in your business operate, we help you leverage their gifts with today’s technologies.

Workshops and training that help your team members have a stronger self worth and confidence that brings positive impact to your organization

1-on-1 coaching with the leaders of any organization so that they can focus on how to bring exemplary leadership to the company and clients

Consultative tech strategy and implementation planning to improve the efficiency of the team by use of online software solutions

What we do for you

Foster a culture of abundance mindset that helps team member identify and transform beliefs around money that can impact profits and success

Equip individual stakeholders to have greater self awareness, purpose and confidence which improves retention and performance

Initiate positive company culture by assuring that each c-suite level leader in mastering the mindset of stewardship, vision and presence

Improve business processes by utilizing online software solutions that match the strengths and cognitive behaviors of the team members.

Accelerate confidence and performance within sales organizations and customer facing personnel through our proprietary workshops

Bring personal development, team building and individual connection to the company through private retreats and events for staff and clients

About Us

Founded in 2008 by Megha Bradley – our primary focus as an organization is to be a resource for training and empowerment of business owners and company leaders who understand that no matter how far technology advances, there is no greater resource within any company than the human beings. Our essential mission is to contribute to positive change in the world by ending cycles of generational abuse and/or poverty through creating and empowering conscious companies to transform their organizations by inspired leadership of each human being on their team.

Our Key clientS

Coaching, strategy and training to empower the maximization of human resources and the leveraging of technology to advance the overall business growth strategy

Team building, workshops and personal development coaching on group and individual basis to empower team cooperation, boost morale and greater understanding

Money mindset and confidence coaching, workshops and retreats that increase each sales person’s ability to embrace their unique strategy to interact with prospects and clients

Business growth strategy including tech implementation for project management, operations, marketing and communication to empower higher revenue with less work

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

~ Jack Welch